Apart from being an investment holding company, KESM Industries Berhad is principally involved in specialized electronic manufacturing activities. More specifically, the company is engaged in providing burn-in services. The company has business dealings virtually with all the American semiconductor manufacturers.


  • Semiconductor burn-in services
  • Electrical testing of semiconductor IC
  • Tape and reel assembly


The production of semiconductor devices is ever increasing and creates a continuous flow of demand for burn-in.

An integrated circuit may be defective at the time it is produced or it may have a latent defect which permits it to operate according to specifications for a period of time but eventually causes it to fail. Burn-in is a process of stressing semiconductors to weed out potentially weak circuits.

The technique involves subjecting a device to heat and voltage stress for several hours or days and exercising it through the limits of its electrical performance. The only effective method of assuring high reliability of semiconductor is to perform burn-in.

As the demand for telecommunications, computers and consumer electronics increases, the wide range of assemblies become ever increasing.


Our growth is linked to the dramatic advancement of semiconductor devices and of the progress of the entire electronics industry, with 8,279 sq.m. in three locations and approximately 2,000 employees. The Group is poised to take on a wider scope of manufacturing capability to eventually provide completely “burn-in” and tested semiconductor devices.

We are making good progress in broadening our capabilities and expanding our production facilities to meet market demands.


Burn-In System

  • Unisys STS3000
  • Unisys Unigen
  • Rel Inc
  • Meisi
  • Max2
  • Max64000
  • Ohkura
  • IBE
  • Impact 1 / Delta V
  • Despatch
  • EG & G
  • MCC HPB-5A
  • MCC HPB-5B
  • EDA Mazzali
  • ELES ART200
  • KES SM5200
  • AEHR

Auto Loader/Unloader

  • ABEX
  • TY3830/3900/3910 for QFP & BGA package
  • CHIPRIGHT 16LD/54LD for SOIC package

Lead Scanner

  • RVSI Scanner
  • TI
  • ICOS Scanner
  • IPT 16LD/54LD SOIC Scanner

Lead Conditioner

  • EverTech (QFP package)

Burn-In Board Tester

  • CROSS Tester – test up to 288 pins
  • TRIPLE-S Tester – test up to 144 pins

Burn-In Board Cleaning

  • Ultrasonic
  • Chemical

Power Supply

  • Hewlett Packard
  • Power Ten
  • EMI (SCR, TCR)
  • Numeric-Lambda