J973 Tester
Structural to Full Performance VLSI Test

The J973EP provides diverse test solutions needed for structural to functional testing by manufacturers and designers of high-performance devices, including microprocessors, core logic, integrated processors, digital signal processors, and network processors. The EP's flexible configuration provides the ability to switch between functional and structural test in real-time to minimize test cost by matching test performance to device test requirements only when needed. The J973EP expands the performance curve on accuracy, precision device power, and differential but testing.


J973EP Enchancements

  • Real Time Enabling™
    • Software licencing is delivered, in real-time, to enable hardware performance required for any specified period of time.
  • inSync Differential Test™ Option
    • Source synchronous differential bus test option with a rate of 1.6 Gbps and Device Strobed Comparators (DSC) for testing source synchronous buses as they will be used in the final application.
  • 200A Ganged Voltage Source Power Supply Option
    • A precision device voltage source capable of providing up to 200A, to reduce voltage error so devices can achieve maximum frequency, yielding higher revenue devices.