J750 Tester

For Advanced Microcontrollers and Consumer SoC Package Test & Wafer Sort

The J750Ex provides highly economical, parallel test solutions for high-performance microcontrollers, consumer SoC devices, and digital wafer sort applications.

All J750 systems are DIB compatible, and the tens of thousands of J750 test programs can be run on the J750Ex. The J750Ex gives you the test throughput, coverage, and performance to handle the next generation of high-volume, low cost devices.

System features includes:

  • 200 MHz / 400 Mbps digital
  • Up to 1024 digital pins, 96 devices power supplies, and analog test capabilty
  • Deep Vector Memory up to 64 LVM
  • Enchanced DFT capability with 196 Gbit scan depth and deep diagnostic capture
  • Per-pin architecture, pattern-controlled instrumention, and flexible site mapping with no slot boundaries
  • IG-XL™ test software for rapid program development that automatically scales to multisite
I/O Channels
Up to 512 or 1024
Data Rate Up to 100 MHz
High Voltage Drivers
1 per 16 digital channels
Parallel Test Site Count (max)
Greater than x256
Vector Memory Depth
Up to 16M per pin with integrated SCAN
Device Power Supplies
Up to 32 power supplies
Scan Depth Up to 49 Gbit
Software IG-XL Software