Memory Test System
High throughput testing of DRAMs and flash memory

The T5371 provides various functions which work to dramatically reduce test costs. Its DRAM/SRAM testing function is capable of simultaneous testing up to 64 units of large capacity, 18 or 20 bit wide memory devices. The system also has a flash memory function that prevents excessive writing and erasing. It also allows testing of defective blocks on a block-by-block basis and independent control of the mask feature on every DUT. When testing flash memories (x8/x9 bit), it is capable of simultaneous testing up to 128 devices.

Target Devices DRAMs, SDRAMs, CDRAMs, SRAMs, flash memories, Direct RDRAMs, EPROMs, Masked ROMs, etc
Test Speed 70 MHz
Overall Timing Accuracy +/-800 ps
Simultaneous Testing Up to 128 devices (x8 or x9 bits)
Test Heads Up to two stations
HV driver comes standard
Timing Generation 27 timing edges/pin
(and/or) 16 timing sets/pin
DC Test Units Up to 32 units/station
Programmable Power Supply Up to 128 units/station
Options MRA4 (Memory Repair Analyzer)
or AFM